Real Time QTL Statistics Summary

All statistics were conducted using the JMP software
  1. Frequency distribution - performed on all the population where ILs and ILHs are presented in different colors on the chart. Moments such as mean, std dev and std err of mean are available as well.

  2. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) - performed to create Tail analysis, QTL map and trait by chromosome chart. Dunnet test compares each of the ILs and ILHs to M82 for the tails and QTL map. Significance on the trait by chromosome chart was calculated using a Dunnet test that includes only the ILs of a given chromosomes. Significance levels for all tests is <0.05.

  3. Bivariate analysis - specific correlations between two traits are performed using bivariate analysis. The analysis is performed on mean values for all genotypes in a given experiment. The page includes population mean values, correlation (r) value and its significance.

  4. Multivariate analysis - correlations between all traits on a given experiment are calculated using mean values of all ILs and ILHs. Data is presented as scaterplot matrix or as R values matrix.